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Honda Marine 15hp Long Shaft, Electric Start, Remote Control


Brand: Honda Marine
Product Code: BF15 LRU

Honda Marine 15hp Long Shaft, Electric Start, Remote Control

Engine comes complete with 12lt Fuel Tank and line and charge lead.

6 Years Honda Warranty

This engine delivers unrivalled innovation to Honda’s mid-power range. The BF15 is ideal for most pleasure boats, sailboats, aluminium craft, and smaller inflatable vessels. So now you can take the family out and make a splash!

FLEXIBLE HANDLING - The BF15 is available with the option of an electric power tilt, perfect for effortless engine-tilt operations and shallow-water running. And up to mid-rpm ranges, you can actually use this function as a power trim to improve your boat performance at higher speeds.

ACCELERATING INNOVATION - Providing smoother acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency, Honda introduces to the BF15 its proven PGM-IG technology, a microprocessor-controlled ignition system that optimises ignition timing at any speed. And for more security, you can rely on Honda’s electronic monitoring system for oil pressure, cooling temperature and overrevs.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - In addition to their pendulum motion system for vibration-free boating, the engine offers a wealth of options, including a long tiller handle or remote control, electric start in combination with automatic choke and high-capacity charging coil, gas-assisted tilt or electric power tilt, and a power thrust propeller kit.

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