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Honda 33c Hi-Lex Premium Remote Control Cables

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Brand: Honda Marine
Product Code: 33c

Genuine Honda Marine 33C Hi-Lex Premium Remote Control Cables

This super flexible and highly efficient remote control cable is the thinnest marine control cable with double layered structure.

• Featering flexibility and high efficiency.
• Thinnest and double layered structered cable affords you easy routing and high efficient performance.
• Braided wire core with splined nylon coating.

• Brand name: Hi-Lex control cable
• Type: clamp "3300 to 33C”

Performance data:

• Load efficiency: push pull
                    70N 79.9 80.7
                  160N 81.3 84.2
• Motion loss: 3.6 mm
• Non Friction load: push 2.0

All Genuine Honda Marine 33C Cables are measured from end to end (e.g. A 7ft cables measures 7ft from one end to the other.)

If you are measuring from Control box to Engine please make allowance for all radius's and also add at least 1ft 6'' for the part of the cable that is inside the Control box and engine 

If you are unsure about what cable length will best suit your boat please give us a call on the number above

Buy from the longest standing Honda Marine dealer in the UK with over 30 years experience.

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